Our History

We are a group of Arab women with diverse backgrounds and life stories. One thing we have in common is that we came to Canada at a later stage in life, and have faced many different challenges during our transition into Canadian society. By establishing the Arab Women of Waterloo Region, we hope to help other women overcoming similar challenges, by paving the road for them, sharing our experiences and creating a safe social network.

Many Arab women, regardless of background, find themselves at one point or another in a place of isolation in Waterloo Region. This isolation is not always created by a lack of education, language skills or transportation, but rather by a disconnect that many women experience in the Waterloo Region. AWWR hopes to become the bridge that will connect these women, and help them to find purpose and access resources; so that they will find themselves in a place where they feel included, accepted, productive and rewarded in the local community.

AWWR is dedicated to empowering Arab women in Waterloo Region to make impactful contributions to the lives of their families and the community at large through connecting women with resources while building intercultural connections and understanding. Strongly, we do believe that if the society gives women more access, they will get greater control over resources. The Arab Women of Waterloo Region was founded in 2016 under the name Canadian Arab Women Association (CAWA), and then changed to The Arab Women of Waterloo Region in 2018, when it was registered as a non-profit organization.